Why is Nigerian magic so dangerous?

Why is Nigerian magic so dangerous? –love spells reviews

Belief in witchcraft in Africa is strong and widespread. It influences thinking, understanding and interpretation of every phenomenon. It is no different in Nigeria.

Nigeria is located in West Africa on the Gulf of Guinea. It is the most populous country on the map of the Black Continent. And Nigerians are one of the most religious nations in Africa. Most of them profess Christianity or Islam. But at the same time, most of them believe in witches turning into cats, ants and rats at night to do damage.

Belief in witchcraft

In Nigeria, exactly as in other African countries, belief in witchcraft is strong and unwavering. The sorcerer (mganga) enjoys social respect and trust. The mganga cures diseases, from malaria to AIDS, using herbs. He creates mysterious concoctions that guarantee good luck in love, the birth of crops, or the successful resolution of a particular matter. He can also deal with a charm cast by the “evil eye.” And all thanks to alleged arrangements with good spirits. But this kind of magic (called white magic) is one side of the coin. The other is darker. It is called black magic for a reason. And it is equally popular in Nigeria. A sorcerer who toils to bring disease and even death is called a mchawi. Nigerian youths want to improve their material status at any cost. The number of crimes committed in the name of the “will” of the mchwai in Nigeria is growing at an alarming rate. Young people are ready to do anything, even kill their father, mother or siblings, just to get the prosperity that mchawi promises them. They believe that the key to this is to make a human sacrifice as a gift to the omnipresent spirits, which is not true.

Tragic consequences of witchcraft accusations

Nigerians explain every event they don’t understand with witchcraft. The birth of a stillborn child, a cattle plague, an illness or the loss of a job is enough to start a search for a “scapegoat” who, in their eyes, was engaged in practicing black magic. And the victims of such accusations are most often elderly women or young children. Nigerians believe that only by eliminating designated people from society will one ensure protection from evil spirits and the protection of good spirits. Even two-year-old toddlers are accused of practicing black magic. Every day in Nigeria, 5-6 children fall victim to them. And the consequences are tragic. Children are tortured, mutilated and even murdered. What’s more, by their loved ones. The situation is aggravated by local pastors, who preach that the children may be the actual perpetrators of the misfortunes and have connivance with evil spirits. They offer to perform exorcisms. But only after paying for them in advance. And the prices for this service are horrendous for Nigerians. The average cost of an exorcism is equal to three months of their work. Hence, if an accusation of witchcraft is hurled at a child in their family, the parents just want to get rid of it.

Nigerian magic is dangerous not only in its “black” aspect. After all, blind faith in witchcraft, and consequently explaining even the most absurd situations with it, leads to the misery of hundreds of thousands of families.


The magic of order-cleansing the home atmosphere

The magic of order-cleansing the home atmosphere

Sometimes even in our own home we happen to feel uncomfortable, bad, as if something is bothering us. It may be that we have neglected our space recently or made changes that do not suit us. Home is not just a physical place, but an atmosphere built from small objects and the emotions they evoke.

While a bad atmosphere at home can be very unpleasant and disruptive, changing it is very simple. All we need to do is organize our space, and immediately our mood will improve as well. The best guideline to follow is ourselves, we will know perfectly well which changes we like and which we don’t. It is enough to look at a particular item to recognize what emotions it arouses in us. It also doesn’t matter if it was expensive or if it visually matches the decor, if it makes us feel uncomfortable with it, we should unscrupulously get rid of it.

When we furnish our apartment, we create a space that is ideal for us, after years of use, changes are made to it, not always beneficial. So when we start cleaning, let’s imagine our apartment as it should be, and then, opening our eyes, we will know what to change. Sometimes it’s not worth sticking to the original plan, because, after all, we ourselves are also changing. It’s possible that our poor mental comfort in the apartment is due to the fact that our space no longer suits us and needs to be adapted to us anew.

Let’s not forget that space is not only objects, but also people. The atmosphere can be spoiled even by brief visits, when the place is marked by its own problems. The most common case is when we live with a person or see each other very often, and then part ways. In such a situation, our space holds the memory of that person for a long time. It is then absolutely necessary to get rid of objects that remind us of that person – photos, clothes left behind, gifts. It probably won’t be easy, but having done this, we will finally feel free in our own home, as if invisible bonds have fallen from us.

We also need to get rid of the habit of hoarding. Claiming that something is still useful to us, even though we haven’t used it in years, or that an item will eventually be repaired by someone, is self-deception. Unwearable clothes, dusty books that are no longer returned to or failed gifts buried in corners should disappear from our space. If we don’t want to feel wasted we can give them away to those in need. Someone will surely be happy to use them, and we will not only clean up the space, but also feel the joy of committing a good deed.

Let’s not be afraid of the emptiness that may appear after removing unnecessary things – unfilled space is freedom, and strenuously filling it is very often a compensation for the fear of abandonment or of change inherent in us. By accumulating things we want to attach ourselves to reality, we are afraid to move forward without looking back. However, it is necessary to take the first step to finally gain a new perspective.

Let’s start clearing out the apartment with physical cleanup. First, let’s air them out, which is the basis for bringing a good atmosphere to the space. It’s also a good idea to hang bells by the window – they will ward off evil spirits and powers, and their sound will spread through the apartment acting as a soothing influence on the people in it. We can also use incense and walk with it throughout the house to cleanse it of evil energy, it is good to do this in case such a ritual has never been performed in that place before. Physical cleaning must be carried out very meticulously, it is good to wash out all the nooks and crannies, cabinets inside, so that the whole place is thoroughly reviewed and cleaned by us. While doing this let’s assist with visualization of our ideal apartment. Finally, let’s wash our hands well or take a shower so that our body is cleaned as well.

The next step is to summon positive energy into a space already cleansed and neutral. Bells as well as fresh air are helpful, but you can also help by using incense or scented oils. For decoration, we can also use candles, which, depending on their color, can help with rituals. Burning black candles will cleanse the house, blue candles will provide peace, and yellow candles, for example, will invoke good luck. It’s also a good idea to oil all the doors and check the seals, so that no sounds, resulting from the malfunction of a particular object, disturb the peace.

In arranging the space, the principles of feng shui will help us. Thanks to this, we will know how to position the various pieces of furniture to best fulfill their roles and bring us either solace or energy to work. Let’s imagine that the bed will stand in the place where we should work. This will make it impossible for us to fall asleep there, our sleep will be interrupted and we will be left tired when we wake up. The bed, on the other hand, or the entire bedroom in general, is a place we especially need to take care of. We will never get the inside track if we get a bad night’s sleep. It is a good idea to buy a new bed or even a new mattress. We arrange a bag with a mixture of calming herbs under it, and we oxidize it with burnt sage. Such a ritual will give us a peaceful sleep. Above the bed we can also hang a dream catcher, which will not let nightmares disturb our sleep. It can also serve as a decoration, because in the bedroom we should avoid pictures or too many decorations that would distract and stimulate us. In a situation where our apartment is small and one room has to serve more functions, it is good to demarcate the sleeping space in a certain way, by putting up, for example, a bookcase or a screen.

These small, not time-consuming, rituals will again ensure harmony in our home, and thus in our hearts. Cleanliness and order in the environment will have a soothing effect on our nerves. The principles of feng shui will guide how to arrange the space, but the most important criterion is ourselves. People differ and everyone perceives the ideal home differently. It is our feelings that must be the main criterion in arranging an apartment, and guided by them we are sure to find harmony.

A few words about the magic of stones

A few words about the magic of stones

Anyone who has encountered magic to any degree knows how much power various kinds of attributes have, especially gemstones. However, to use them correctly, it is necessary to know what capabilities they have. Both the purpose for which we need them and the zodiac sign of the person using them are important. Sometimes individual preferences are also important, one may have a stone that we have endowed with a special sentiment and thus became our amulet. Also, the gesture of gifting can make an object magical. By presenting a stone to someone with a sincere wish for luck and prosperity, our wishes become permanently inscribed in a particular artifact.

The popularity of stones as amulets is very high, as using them and drawing power from them is very simple. You can always carry such an amulet with you in the form of jewelry or a pendant. In this way, we will not have to endure the malicious remarks of skeptics, undermining the power of the stones and scoffing at our belief in them.

However, we should not worry about the opinion of skeptics, because they are not convinced even by studies proving the power of stones, not only in warding off misfortune and invoking luck, but also in healing. Numerous cultures use stones to heal and their effectiveness is a visible fact. Skeptics will not experience this, because what activates the power of stones is faith. One must use their power with sincere belief in it.

Gemstones, even for those who did not see them as having magical powers, represented the good that was desired. They were killed for them, cheated for them and ardently desired them. The more precious stones someone had, the more respected they were, considered powerful and worthy. This caused them to be equated with the success of their owners. Powdered ones were added to food so that whoever ate them would take on their beauty and power.

However, the consumption of stones is not necessary, and we can safely skip this method, but it is worth having the right stone with us at all times. If we have not yet found our amulet, we can choose it based on our zodiac sign or, even better, on our date of birth. This way, wherever we are, we can be sure that the stone will provide us with protection.

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